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Fixed-Fee Professional Recruitment



People are the foundation of every company. Great people are an integral part of great corporations. With that in mind, Human Resources Network, LLC was founded as a boutique human resource consulting practice that specializes in fixed-fee professional search for financial and human resource professionals. Our strategy is based on the belief that we can partner with our clients and become an important extension of their talent acquisition efforts through the delivery of value-added and cost-effective search services. 


Dennis Kimble


HRN’s owner, Dennis holds an M.A. in Human Resource Management from Central Michigan University and a B.S. in Management from Oakland University.  Prior to founding HRN, Dennis was the Director of Professional Recruitment for Michigan National Corporation, one of Michigan’s major financial institutions. He also worked as an Executive Recruiter for Coopers & Lybrand (now PriceWaterhouse Coopers), an international public accounting firm. 

​He has experienced first-hand the challenges and importance of attracting and retaining quality employees.    

Dennis has been successfully completing recruitment engagements and providing career transitioning counseling services since 1989.   

Our Professional Services

Fixed-Fee Professional Search Services




HRN utilizes a fixed-rate fee structure so you will know exactly what your search will cost before the search commences.  By decoupling our fees from candidate compensation, we eliminate the conflict-of-interest inherit to percentage-based fees. Clients know exactly what a search will cost from the beginning: No surprises.

Our team employs a dynamic approach to identify and qualify “passive candidates” that possess the requisite skills, experience and abilities you are seeking.  These candidates are not actively searching for a new job but are willing to listen to an interesting opportunity. Most are currently doing the job you need done – for a competitor. 

We interview and evaluate candidates to ensure they are a good fit for your position and organization and more importantly, have a definite interest in both. HRN will work with you to resolve onboarding issues to satisfactorily complete each client engagement.     


The person your company needs is out there - not actively seeking a job but open to your opportunity.


Career Transition Counseling


Organizations continue to downsize and re-engineer themselves to grow and succeed in an increasingly fast-paced and competitive global environment. One of the biggest strategic human resource challenges is staffing your organization with the right employees: talented people who can help your company build a competitive advantage.


Unfortunately, building your team may include transitioning employees out of your organization.   We provide comprehensive Career Transition programs for executives, managers, professionals and non-management employees.  Programs are customized to meet the needs of each tier and focused on quickly and effectively transitioning people to new career opportunities.    

Our program is organized in a logical manner with initial exercises that build on each other to form a focused and solid job search foundation.  We work with each individual to build a personal marketing plan, including networking tools and a professional resume that passes the 10-second test.   We prepare individuals for all types of interviews and provide ongoing support throughout their programs.